President’s Desk

Rev. Dr. Frank J. Hernando, Ed.D. - President

Rev. Ed.D. Frank J. Hernando

Warmest greetings of peace and love! I am pleased to welcome you to Union Theological Seminary web portal.

Through the years UTS has been serving the churches especially the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines in their ministerial formation program that ensures the supply of Church workers who provide continuity to Jesus Christ’s ministry. The seminary offers theological education for clergy and the laity through the Innovative Theological Education Program (ITEP), the Theological Education for the Economy of Life (TEEL) and the Theological Education by Extension (TEE). It relates with seminaries from various Christian traditions and polity in the country. Also, it has established partnerships with ecumenical organizations for engagement in global issues and concerns that impact churches and vulnerable communities. In strengthening the ministerial formation and theological education program of Union Theological Seminary, first, it has to impress perceptual re-understanding of its mission and the role and responsibility of the Churches. This will result in achieving mutually agreed goals and objectives.

Second, it has to creatively revitalize communication processes between the seminary and the Churches. As fully informed and encouraged stakeholders they can increase their level of financial support to scholarships and other projects that will benefit the students and the seminary personnel. Third, optimizing use of endowment and invested funds, diversifying fund-raising campaigns to overcome financial constraints by developing properties under the stewardship of the seminary. Also, invite ecumenical, humanitarian and philanthropic organizations to partnership projects such as social and ethical policy research, humanitarian response to injustice and peace issues, and other kinds of projects that can enhance the impact of the seminary to the immediate and larger contexts.

Finally, the UTS vision, mission and goals which are best articulated in the core values will continue to guide the ministerial formation program and theological education of the Churches and the ecumenical community. The core values are: Christ-like faithfulness, ecumenical openness, prophetic boldness, contextual timeliness and compassionate witness. These will continue to provide direction to faculty and staff carrying out theological formation of students, and guide the Board of Trustees and the Administrative Cabinet in decision making processes, We pray that God’s abiding and sustaining love will continue to unite us and enable us to do greater things in the work for the kingdom of God.

Mabuhay ang UTS! God bless us all!